Twitter Says No More To Spammers

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Do you hate spam? Do you hate Twitter spam in particular? Had it with spam? Well, Twitter feels your pain. I get almost teary eyed thinking about their concern for our well being in the Twitterverse. Here’s their blog post to let you know they are thinking of you.

Folks can now help us conquer spam by calling our attention to a profile they find questionable. Click the “Report as spam” button under the Actions section of a profile’s sidebar and our Trust and Safety team will check it out to see what needs to be done. No automated action will be taken as a result of reporting a user as spam (in other words, it can’t be used to incite an angry mob against an account you don’t like.) And once you report a profile it will automatically be blocked from following or replying to you. You nailed it!

S Twitter Spam

All kidding aside, this is a nice step taken by Twitter to combat an issue that many feel is getting out of hand at a very rapid pace. Of course, this is also a necessary step because the last thing Twitter needs is to be more noise than information (especially if you are speaking to some pretty big names about your feeds).

So join Twitter in making the regal Land of Tweets clean of spam. Consider this your way to make Twitter “Go green” by ridding itself of excess stuff. If nothing else you will have contributed to the betterment of your corner of the social media world.


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